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CHOICE Insights + Strategy was founded in 1995 and is located on Sumatrakade 1299, 1019 RM in Amsterdam. Since 1995, we have been transforming information into ‘insights’ for our clients.

We have just one goal: answering the ‘question beyond the question’ from our client. To this end, we translate ideas into products, better services or improved (customer) satisfaction. CHOICE Insights + Strategy is a member of the MOA (MarktOnderzoekAssociatie - Market Research Association), NIMA and Esomar. The MOA represents the interests of respondents, users and providers of market research. We process personal details from (ex) customers or prospects (hereafter referred to as ‘Client(s)’) and people or organisations who take part in market research (hereafter ‘Respondent(s)’).

Are you a respondent?

A market research agency gathers, analyses and reports personal details (‘processes’) for statistical purposes. Our clients often allow us to use your details to conduct research, i.e. to invite you to take part in research for our client. This invitation always sets out the reasons for the research, the client’s name, a contact person at our company and an email address/phone number. As a participant, you therefore always have a contact for any questions about issues such as whether your data will be shared and how it is processed. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) states that we may use your data for statistical purposes, even if it was collected for another reason. This means that, without your express permission, we can use it for market research. You can, of course, withdraw at any time; your participation is voluntary. The responsibility for the correct processing of your data always lies with our client.

By connecting your personal details to the answers that you provide in the survey, we can establish whether, for example, men’s opinions differ from women’s opinions, which issues are linked to age and whether there are regional variations. This only concerns processing for statistical purposes. The data that is collected is data that is required in order to conduct the research; nothing more. You will never be offered or sent anything you did not ask for as a result of this research.

The data will not be processed for longer than is necessary to carry out the research. Thereafter (within 3 months of the research being completed), your personal data will be deleted from our system, including back-ups. Research is always reported anonymously. This means that the reported results can never be traced back to individuals unless express permission has been given to do so. If we ask you for your express permission, you will be told why and regarding whom. In order to protect your data against undesirable and unlawful usage, extensive measures have been taken.

People under the age of 15 will never be approached to take part in a survey. In the event of conducting research with those under the age of 15, the relevant parents and/or guardians will be asked for their permission first.

Are you a client?

Then we will process your personal details for our own marketing and sales purposes. This could be for (digital) newsletters, white papers or (digital) DM about our research products and services. When collecting your data, you agree to our conditions and, more importantly, you allow us to develop our own marketing and sales aims using your personal data (not those of our client’s customers; the actual commissioning party). Your data will be collected directly from you, will be stored by us in our CRM on servers in the EU and used for the aforementioned aim. If you’d rather it wasn’t, you can easily de-register via the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the digital newsletters or by sending an email to It is also possible to have the data that we are storing corrected or deleted.

If you work for a company, institution or organisation that is a client of ours, we will process your data on the basis of an agreement, in order to be able to offer our research products and/or services. At that moment, your data is part of the project administration (part of our CRM system) and will be exclusively used in order to conduct the research. If you’d rather it wasn’t, you can easily unsubscribe by sending an email to It is also possible to have the data that we are storing corrected or deleted.


This document is sometimes added to and changed due to amendments within our organisational processes, legislative changes or in the event of incompleteness. You are therefore advised to consult this document on a regular basis. The date of the last amendment is always given at the top of the document.


If you have any questions about your privacy or data, please contact us on or call +31 20-5210660.